Better Homes and Garden has a great Knitting Basics Technique Tutorial

Knitting Abbreviations Glossary and other things, including videos from

Fehler beim Stricken ausbessern - fixing things in knitting (german link) 

Basic Knitting instructions in picture format from Stitch Divas:

Knit Picks Tutorials: and other great stuff on this site

Auf deutsch, schöne Strick und Häkellernvideos von Nadelspiel

Á íslensku mæli ég með prjónakennsluvef Arndísar og Tinnu

Top 20 List of Blogs About Knitting for beginners and further advanced

This Link List is under constructions
I will be updating these links and adding more links soon, and make this more user friendly as i have done with the Crochet Link List

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