Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

Thank You for your support

Papa Theodore and Mama Rosalie are proud to announce that Papa Theodore will be the new mare of Salmon Bay. Sadly they didn't win the Amigurumi Design Contest, but maybe next time. 

I am happy that because of the contest this little family was born and I am sure we will see more of them in the future, esp. now when Theodore is Mare of Salmon Bay.

I thank the people that gave their vote. I was planing on making something special like a give away for my readers and vote giver if I would make the top three. I got place 62 of 122 participants with 55 votes. Wich isn't that bad I guess. You can see the voting results here

But it was so much fun designing this, and there for I am certainly going to design more for the future. 

Happy to read your comments here below, thank you for your time

Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

Last Day of Christmas

Today is the last day of christmas. In Iceland, the last Santa goes back home, there will be fireworks and bonfires. Now the new year has officially begun. 

Mr Cat is enjoying the view from the top of his house. Tomorrow he will pack his santa hat away. 

Mr Cat can´t wait to visit his best friend again, they did have alot of fun together over the holidays.

Sorry for the dark pictures, but it was Christmas night and the light was cozy and candlelight.

 The gifts were very interesting, is this one for me?

 Tott was very curious - as we all know cats are VERY curious

 But the best part is playing around in the gift wraps

sooooo tired 
good night and good bye to this Christmas, see you again in 11 Months and 18 Days

We didn´t get white christmas on time in Germany, but few days later we got snow.
The two friends were so excited and went out to play in the snow

This was the first time for Tott to see so much snow, he was enchanted by the view

sooo cold

After playing in the snow and a snowball fight they went home and had a hot cup of milk.
There was still too little snow to build a snowcat, but maybe we will get lucky and get some more snow soon.

Talking about lucky....... Have you voted yet for the cute teddy bear family?

Don´t forget to cast your vote for the teddy bear family and four other designs
There are over 100 great amigurumis in the run so every vote counts

Voting will close at midnight the 9th of January

Thank You

I am also hopping over to Creadienstag to see the great things that have been made by my fellow bloggers have made this tuesday

*Entschuldigung, die Post heute ist nur auf englisch*
*Afsakið en blogpósturinn er aðeins á ensku í dag*

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Samstag, 3. Januar 2015

Teddy Family - Amigurumi Design Contest - Parent and animals

Family Bear from Salmon Bay. Papa Theodore, Mama Rosalie and their two little ones Jamie and Peggy. Papa Theodore owns a Salmon Company at Salmon Bay and is campaigning for Mare these days and needs your Vote :) 

Papa Theodore and little Jamie love to go fishing

Peggy loves to help Mama Rosalie at home, but Jamie also helps out

Rosalie and Theodore are still very much in love

Rosalie loves to crochet, while Theodore likes a cup of hot tee with homemade honey while reading his paper. The Daily forest news is his favorite paper, and in this edition because of the upcoming campaign there is a lot about family bear in it as well as the contest. 

Do you like my little family? I am participating for the first time in an amigurumi design contest, held by Amigurumipatternsnet, the theme for this contest was parent and baby animals.  This is the first time I am making my own amigurumi pattern from sketch to finished product. I used to draw teddies like this as a child and that was my inspiration. I loved participating in this contest, but like everyone that participates I would love to win too ;) It is a voting, so I am hoping for your vote. If I win, I will spread my joy by making something special for you to win as well. I have many ideas I am working on, but first I need to win ;)

So I am hoping you share this post with the link to the page and vote vote vote. But of course only if you really like my design. 



Link to other great crochet things every month at Häkelliebe

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Freitag, 2. Januar 2015

My Doctor

A Doctor a day, keeps the apples away

I made this little helper Doctor for my BF so that he could take some workload of him and send him sooner home to rest. Doctors need rest too, so they can give their patients the best medical care.

Can you guess his specialty?
Here he is at his new work place

I used the great book from Allison Hoffmann - Amigurume to create this doppelgänger. The lab coat was a little adjustment to her blazer pattern. 

Back side view

Hello, I'm your doctor today, what seems to be the problem?

Stetoscope, syringe and patient chart make him extra special don't you think?
(Bought at a local toy store)

First post of the year, I wish you all a healthy new year, and in case you need a doctor make an appointment with this Mc Dreamy

* Be sure to check in tomorrow to help the teddy bear family win the election *

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