Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

Aunt Rosy's little purse

Once a month my Aunt Rosy comes for a visit. Every woman has an aunt like this. She sometimes comes unexpected or at a really bad time. Sometimes she comes and you have nothing on you to receive her with. But when you do, it sometimes pops out of your purse in a really bad embarrassing moment. Well with this little purse you will be prepared for aunt Rosy-s visit from now on, and even if it pops out of your bag, it's just a little purse. Or do you know by now what might be inside it?

Yup your sanitary towels, Damenbinde, or simply Always Ultra ;)

It's a quick project to make and easy for everyone with some crochet skills. Mine is done with sc and hdc, and the granny square on the front is made out of dc. 

I saw this idea on etsy, and loved the it. Thought to myself, why didn't I think of this. Mine is different, I simply used the idea then did the crocheting the way I did with my mobile phone cozy and changed it so it would fit the pads, and made it more aunty like in looks, hence the granny square.

Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Owl mobile phone cozy

Owls are told to be the smartest birds. The latest generations of mobile phones are also called smartphones. So this combination is perfect. The smart owl protects the smart phone ;)

I did this for my sisters smartphone who loves owls for christmas, so it was a suprise and therefor not posted earlier on this blog, as well as due to some technical issues. 

You might say the phone is the brain of this owl, cause when out it does look kinda goofy but when closed it has a total different character look. 
The wings on the side, make extra protection to the sides of the phone, since they tend to follow Newtons law of gravity and fall pretty often

Sketch of the making of this owl from my sketchbook

Emil das Erdmännchen iphone cozy

Hallo ich bin Emil das Erdmännchen

Hello my name is Emil and I´m a Meerkat, but not just any meerkat, but Franzi´s meerkat and I keep her phone save ;)

This project was startet a bit by thinking "challenge accepted" as my coworker Franzi kinda henced that a meerkat iphone cozy could be pretty cool. So I thought alot about how to make out of  this (points down at the picture) a phone cozy.

I didn´t find any meerkat phone sleeves online, but I knew it would have to have a bit scary staring eyes, a big nose and a tail ofcourse so it could stand and keep watch over Franzi´s phone. So this is pure own design I came up with after a quick drawing. I later skipped having hair on his head, since it would not look good with time, and added the darker boarder as you can see on the picture.

I do think though, that the most that sees it will think it´s some kind of dog or a rat. But she loves it and that is what matters.

Here you can see it´s big nose and the soft smile on his face carrying a flower for Franzi. 

Added to the tail on the back side, there is a tiny heart sewed on

Emil likes to relax and take it easy, here he is in his birthplace, the yarn basket

And he loves to be in all kind of pockets as well

It was a fun project to do, thanks for the inspiration / challenge

Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Soccer Boy gets a girlfriend ;)

Soccer Boy in love with Símalína Hringsdóttir (Phoneline Ringdaughter)

Owl Lunch Cosy

Picknick in Viðey - Iceland

Crochet Owl Cosy for my little sister

start with the bottom, granny square in circle then dc all the way up and around, depending on the shape of your lunch box, decrease. Eyes are crochetet in a round and then the eylashes embroyded on. Nose is done making a half a circle then with dc and sewed on. I just made it up, so it's hard to tell exactly how I did it, but thought I would add it to the blog as inspiration and cuteness.

I'm using a lunchbox from roessle volumina (650ml, the second from left)