Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Emil das Erdmännchen iphone cozy

Hallo ich bin Emil das Erdmännchen

Hello my name is Emil and I´m a Meerkat, but not just any meerkat, but Franzi´s meerkat and I keep her phone save ;)

This project was startet a bit by thinking "challenge accepted" as my coworker Franzi kinda henced that a meerkat iphone cozy could be pretty cool. So I thought alot about how to make out of  this (points down at the picture) a phone cozy.

I didn´t find any meerkat phone sleeves online, but I knew it would have to have a bit scary staring eyes, a big nose and a tail ofcourse so it could stand and keep watch over Franzi´s phone. So this is pure own design I came up with after a quick drawing. I later skipped having hair on his head, since it would not look good with time, and added the darker boarder as you can see on the picture.

I do think though, that the most that sees it will think it´s some kind of dog or a rat. But she loves it and that is what matters.

Here you can see it´s big nose and the soft smile on his face carrying a flower for Franzi. 

Added to the tail on the back side, there is a tiny heart sewed on

Emil likes to relax and take it easy, here he is in his birthplace, the yarn basket

And he loves to be in all kind of pockets as well

It was a fun project to do, thanks for the inspiration / challenge

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