Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

Aunt Rosy's little purse

Once a month my Aunt Rosy comes for a visit. Every woman has an aunt like this. She sometimes comes unexpected or at a really bad time. Sometimes she comes and you have nothing on you to receive her with. But when you do, it sometimes pops out of your purse in a really bad embarrassing moment. Well with this little purse you will be prepared for aunt Rosy-s visit from now on, and even if it pops out of your bag, it's just a little purse. Or do you know by now what might be inside it?

Yup your sanitary towels, Damenbinde, or simply Always Ultra ;)

It's a quick project to make and easy for everyone with some crochet skills. Mine is done with sc and hdc, and the granny square on the front is made out of dc. 

I saw this idea on etsy, and loved the it. Thought to myself, why didn't I think of this. Mine is different, I simply used the idea then did the crocheting the way I did with my mobile phone cozy and changed it so it would fit the pads, and made it more aunty like in looks, hence the granny square.


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