Dienstag, 4. September 2012

Simple mobile phone cozy snuggle

Wanna make your own? Here is how I did it

Make a chain as long as the width of your phone. Crochet sc 3 rows, before you then start crocheting around, hiding your beginners tail as you go. Then it´s just sc around and around without closing your circles, untill the height of your piece fits your phone. Make a chain around 20 stiches in the back and fasten again with a slip stitch. I then crochetet another row of sc before fastening off.

Add a button fitting your yarn colour and volà you are done.

It´s better to have the button on the back of your phone to avoid too much stress on the screen.

When using your phone simply put your finger in the loop, so you wont loose your cozy.

wipped up in about an hour give or take few minutes. It´s a great project for beginners or those who want to use up some of that yarn laying around. I used merino wool and needle nr 4.

Some additional pictures to see the whole thing from the front and the back. 

front view

back view - here you can see * where I skipped 3 chains, as i did the loop, before fastening it with a slip stitch, and then crocheting a sc row all around before fastening it off.


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