Tips and Tricks

Joining Yarns the invisible way

The German Way
der Frankfurter Knoten

World of Wool
Pictures of Sheeps and the name of their wools ;) 
I think the icelandic one is the cutest, don't you ;) 

Ever wanted to knit a logo you found online, but you don't have a chart for it? Here is a great tutorial in how to make this with your computer :
You can also use Knitpro 2.0 for doing the changing much faster:

How to read japanese knitting charts:

Japanworkshop auf deutsch in pdf format von

Prjónamunstur, Hannaðu þitt eigið lopapeysumunstur. To design your own pattern on the icelandic woollpullover - Islandspulli "Mustermacher"

and at last but not least.... usefull things from Tichiro

and whenever you need help on something ask either "uncle google" or youtube :)

How to Photograph your knitting and crocheting: Tips and Tricks:
Wie mache ich am besten Bilder von Strick / Häkelstücken: Schöne Anleitung mit Bildern von Strickmasche

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