Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

Woollenthoughts in 2012

Happy Hollidays
Gleðileg Jól og farsælt komandi nýtt ár
Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch

Hér smá ársannáll 2012 í myndum :) góða skemmtun 
small picture show of things blogged in 2012 - have fun

Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012


Hello there, my name is Gudda and this is my friend Bonnie the Bunny
I had my first birthday yesterday
I am 13cm tall and have long black hair
Lovely dress and a pretty flower on my hat

I came as a suprise to this world, at first I was suppose to become something totally different

At first my mum thought she was making a ball, but hihi she soon figured out that I wasn´t suppose to be a ball ;) Soon I took on a form, but I wasn´t cute then. Look at me

Looking like a snowman and soooo not pretty ..

But then I got a pretty red dress, cute hat and very long hair.

with time, I got more things, like shoes, haircut and make up and a pretty flower

This is me infront of my house last night :) 

This morning I went to school where I met my new friend Bonnie the Bunny

Here I am in front of my school with my new friend Bonnie the Bunny 
(yes just like dolls, bunnies go to school too)

Gudda is one of a kind, unique. I didn´t follow a pattern, but kinda created as I crocheted. I didn´t know how she would look like at the beginning but with time she came to life and I think she looks pretty cute, don´t you?  I guess she is a christmas girl, since she is born on the day of St Nicholaus

Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

Crochet Cactus Pincushion

Heimir the crocheted cactus pincushion

Harry my little cactus was needed a new friend as well as I needed a pincushion. 

The idea of a pincushion in a shape of a cactus was born (I´m not the only one with this idea as I have seen on the internet though ;)). I had this little pot and thought it would make a great base for my cactus pincushion.  

I didn´t follow any specific pattern, but startet with 6sc and then I increased it to 12, then 18, then 24 and made a tube with a green cotton yarn as long as I wanted it to be high. Then switched over to brown for the earth and did one row, then increased only in front loops untill the size would fit the pot, one row of dc so it would get a better bend and then did some rounds sc untill it was tall enough, then startet decreasing and filling untill I had it big enough to fit in the pot. I love improvising while crocheting :)

One Picture without the pot

and ofcourse one of Harry & Heimir new best friends :) 

Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

I can´t believe I´m knitting Cables

My mum tought me this weekend how to knit cables - this is my first attempt. It´s really not that hard as you think it is. All you need is a cable needle I used the so called birds wings or birds beak cable needle (if you click the link, it´s the one in the middle). 

On this small test piece - I repeatet the pattern 3 times. It´s alot of fun kniting this and seeing how your cables are born. It´s a very clever thing - cable knitting - and there are sooo many variations.

It reminds me of a dance - where you step forth and step back. The knitting walz.

For neater edgings, my mum also taught me how to slip the first stich and knit the last, regardless of the pattern you are making. This prevents ugly edgings with bulbs and uneven stiches (beginners problem in stiching). I found a nice video about this you can check it out here.

So I made myself a pattern for this little piece, and always slipped the first stitch and knitting the last, regardless of what the pattern asked for. 

My mum told me it looks prettier if you have 2 purl stiches before and after the cable part, that way the cable pops out nicer. For the edgings I wanted to try a pearl stich (1p, 1k then in the next row the p´s will be k´s and vice versa).

So here we go :)

Cast on 18 stiches and knit them as following:

Left Edging:                   knit - purl - knit - purl - remember to slip the first stich!!
Before Cable:                purl 2 
Cable:                              slip 3 stiches on the cable needle and keep in the back  
                                           knit 3
                                           knit the 3 from the cable needle now
After Cable:                     purl 2 
Right Edging:                 purl - knit - purl - knit

You have successfully finished the first row

CN3= slip 3 loops to Cable needle and put in back, knit 3, then knit 3 from the cable needle

R1 [RS]: k - p - k - p - 2p -    CN3 -   2p - p - k - p - k

R2 [RS]: p - k - p - k - 2p - K3 - K32p -  k - p - k - p

R3 [RS]: k - p - k - p - 2p - K3 - K3 - 2p - p - k - p - k

R4 [RS]: p - k - p - k - 2p - K3 - K3 - 2p -  k - p - k - p

Complete 4 rows before using your cable needle again. R1 is RS=Right Side and BS=Back Side, back side on row 1 would be p - k - p - k - 2k - 3p - 3p - 2k - k - p - k - p 

Seen on the picture is this pattern repeated 3 times

Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

Not without my Instagram

Not without my instagram.

Do you also love instagram?

Instagram App Logo

My sister is one of those who loves instagram (well me too ;)) I have seen several crocheted bags, purses, phone covers etc using the instagram logo as a template. Doing my aunt rosie bag for the sanity towels, I thought of doing a similar bag for my sister using the instagram logo. But the one I made is bigger than the one for aunt rosy, so she can use it any way she likes.

I didn´t follow a pattern, but improvised as I went on and kept a logo picture like this nearby.

The main work are the appliquès and the sewing on. The bag closes on the back side with 2 little heart buttons. ´Cause I love my little sister :) . If you like something on instagram you heart it (hence the heart) and I really did want to make the cords like a friendship bracelet me and my sister used to make as she was little, but since I wanted it long, it didn't come out well so instead I made a normal crochet chain in the desired length with 2 strands of yarn in the two main colours of the bag, looks almost like the bracelet thing I wanted to do first - so problem solved.

Front view

Back view

Glühwein Zeit naht - Cup Cosy


Bald kommt die Glühwein Zeit wieder, ich ärgere mich jedesmal wenn ich auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt ein Warmgetränk trinke, dass die Tasse meistens zu voll und zu heiß ist. Erst wenn es dann abkühlt (und zu kalt wird) kann man die Tasse anfassen und nicht nur am Henkel halten.

Hier in Marburg fängt die Glühwein Zeit am 30. November an, wo Marburg b(u)y Night stattfinden. Es ist so schön, die ganze Stadt in verschiedenen Lichtfarben zu sehen. Die Geschäfte haben länger auf und es gibt der erste Glühwein des Jahres. Marburg an der Lahn ist so eine schöne Stadt und besonders schön in dieser Nacht. 


Ich bin keine große Glühweintrinkerin, ich nehme lieber eine Tasse Lumumba (heiße Schokolade mit einem Schuß Rum und Sahnehäubchen). Aber dieses Jahr habe ich eine Lösung mit in der Tasche was die heißen Tassen angeht :)

vorderseite mit dem Knopfverschluss

Hinterseite prägt ein kleines Herzchen (es sollte mindestens eins sein)

Auf eine wunderschöne Adventzeit

Samstag, 10. November 2012

Apfeljäckchen - Apple Cozy

Apfeljäckchen mit extra Blatt (nach Anleitung in Mollie makes 1. Ausgabe)

Ich hab noch ein Blatt dazugemacht, damit alle Äpfel nicht nur ohne blaue Flecken auskommen werden sondern auch ein hübsches Blättchen haben.

Das Jäckchen ist schnell gemacht und schützt ein gewaschenes Apfel von allen unebenheiten in einer Tasche auf deinem Weg.

Following the pattern from the first Mollie Makes in German, this little apple jacket was born. I added a leaf to it as well, that I improvised myself. This way all apples that will be transported in this apple cozy will have a pretty little leaf as well and be free from all bruises it might otherwise catch along the way. Fast, easy and cute project to make.

An english version of this pattern from Mollie Makes was published in the guardian, klick here for the pattern (UK terminology)

Dienstag, 6. November 2012

First Star Granny Square

We're building a "blanket" on the side of a "sofa"

Above the clouds, next to the sky

And after our labours the stars will be neighbours

We'll take our place with them in space

We're not using concrete or plaster or wood -

"But instead a crocheted hook"

(Lyrics from Prefab Sprout - Andromedas Heights ("words" have been changed)

Pattern from this book

I love stars and I really bought the book for this blanket, ´cause that was something I really wanted to do, but the book has also other great projects inside, so it´s worth buying.

I have chosen 3 variations of grey and natural white for the stars using Lana Grossa Merino wooll. Not sure how much wooll I will need for this project, but from one ball of the white I got 23 stars.

The pattern is well written and good to understand, it´s both written and as a chart. The squares are probably not as quick to make as a normal granny squares, but I think the more squares one does, the quicker it becomes. 

The Stars themself are quick to make and can be used solo as well, as appliquès or alone.

One done, 47 to go.... 

Birth of a Star-Granny-Square in four steps see below

Thank you for taking your time to leave me a comment
Danke dass Du Dir Zeit nimmst mir Paar Worte zu schreiben
Takk fyrir að taka nokkrar mínútur í að skilja eftir línu

Samstag, 3. November 2012

Mollie Makes jetzt auf Deutsch

Die dritte Ausgabe, jetzt im Handel

Drei Ausgaben gibt es nun auf Deutsch, die nächste erscheint in Januar.

Hier die Titelseiten von den ersten zwei Ausgaben, die bei OZ Verlag bestellbar sind

Erste Ausgabe

Zweite Ausgabe 

Das Erfolgmagazin Mollie Makes gibt es schon länger auf englisch . Nun gibt es diese auch auf deutsch. Mollie Makes ist ein Inspirationsquell für kreative Köpfe. Unter dem Motto "Living & Loving Handmade" richtet sich das Magazin an Leute, für die Selbermachen nicht nur ein Hobby ist, sondern eine Lebensweise. Ob mit Nähmaschine, Papier, Häkel-, Stick- oder Stricknadel - es dreht sich alles ums Selbermachen und Verschönern. 

Zur Zeit ist die dritte Ausgabe im Handel, die anderen können jedoch auf der Hompage des OZ Verlag bestellt werden.

Update: Die ersten zwei Ausgaben sind heute nach Hause gekommen :) Super schnelle Lieferung und netter Kontakt von OZ Verlag. Hab sofort angefangen mit dem Apfel-Jäckchen von der Titelseite :)

Vorschau für die Januar Ausgabe

Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Crochet shell thoughts

I´ve been wanting to make these wrist warmers now for some time, but the pattern on the garnstudio / drops design page, esp. the scematic one, was giving me headaches.

I found this video on youtube with very good instructions on making dc shells, and made one piece to learn it, and it came out pretty well, and was easy to understand.

5 dc in shell, 2 chain space, sc (6 chains for a shell)

Comparing it with the picture from garnstudio, the shells do look bigger and more space in between the rows.

I used what I had learnd crocheting along the video, and took a new look at the pattern from garnstudio. Instead of 5 dc to make a shell, they do 9 tr and skip 3 chains not 2. So I made some chains (18) to be able to make 2 shells in a row.

9 tr in shell, 3 chain space, sc (9 chains for a shell)

I think I almost got it now.

Just have to figure out how the V´s are made... any idea?? 

same as above, but in between shell rows, to get the V look, sc in the upper stiches of the shells, then tr,  chain 1, tr into the same loop to build the V and sc in the stiches of the shell top (maybe back loops only is better, so the shells will not get this thicker edge look!)

This time with the written pattern in the back of my mind, I added the "extra rows" you seem to see on the pattern chart.

I definitely like this look better than the prior one.

Next change I did, is that I did crochet the shell stiches (no chain made) the same as before, but in the back loop only, this way the shells look better and the wrist warmers look "fluffier" this way. (I really don´t like wrist warmers that look more lika a cast from the doctor ;)). I finished one already, once you figure it out, it really isn´t hard and pretty fast to crochet. I will add picture soon.

Now I just need to do the second one, but the first one is warm and cozy :) I´m planning on making a loop scarf in the same style too, something like this here on the picture below :)

The funny thing is, on the Drops design page, they write: "Beautiful details, quick to make!"  well the details are beautiful but untill you understand the pattern, it´s not quick to make. But afterwards I guess they are.

Here is the scematic pattern for the shells from Drops design, that is very confusing (my free opinion)

Not just because the sign for tr is on this picture like the one for dc, and whats with all the - - - - - arent those sc?!?! So at first I made chains, and it just didn´t look anything like the picture. It was the first pattern I ever tried to follow. 

I really wish drops design would write what to do in the M.1 part as well, and not just leave this confusing chart.

Update: Both wrist warmers are finished :) After it starts rolling, it really rolls fast.  Pictures will be posted soon. 

Kitty got my key

 Another small project from buddyrumi I ran out of yarn, so my version of the kitty is just her head. The pattern is free and if you klick the link it is yours too :) I didn´t have any bead eyes, but found small yellow buttons for the eyes and added some more details to the face as well. Attached it to the keyring and volà.

Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

Crochet Kitty

I found this pattern for a small kitty on pinterest last night and gave it a try as I was on a small break from my other projects. It's a fast crochet, since you do the body and head in one piece including the ears. Then you just have to make the tail and sew it on.

He reminds me of the icelandic christmas cat (jólakötturinn)

Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Knitting away - mistake rib scarf

Finished :)

Day One - My first knitting project

Mistake rib scarf with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, (55% Merino, 33% Microfiber, 12% Cashmere yarn) colour 300041, and needles nr. 5. Ball weight is 50g, and length 100 yards or 90 meter.

Pattern is from, it´s called mistake rib ´cause it is made in easy 2×2 ribbing (2k, 2p), but the secret is to cast on an uneven number of stitches (a multiple of 4 stitches plus 3, to be exact) so that the knit and purl stitches don’t line up. I am also using the tip I got from the nice wool lady at wawawools in Bexhill on sea (East Sussex), where I bought the yarn and needles at, last year (yes I bought it a year ago, and thought I will have to knit this at last, before the next winter is over ;)) I did start it a couple of times, but my boarders always looked so bad, that I ripped it up again. The trick is to go with your needle in the second and third chain and pull them a little looser and then fasten the first chain (that is always sooo loose and ugly for me) that way you get an even boarder at last. I guess this is a common "new to knitting" problem. If you are ever in Bexhill on sea (near Hastings, UK) that is a shop you should definately go see. 

Now the days are getting colder again and soon winter will come and that´s why I told myself to practice knitting and finish this scarf at last. Now my second ball of yarn is nearly finished, so there is hope that I will finish this scarf this month.

I´m using a 27 cast on and out of one ball of yarn I got around 70cm of scarflength. I got a total of 3 balls, so I hope it´s enough yarn.

The yarn is soft and it´s colour changes depending on the sunlight, it´s a greenish-grey and super soft. 

When I have the desired length I will stitch the end and the beginning of it together forming a loop. That´s why my tail is a bit long. Not sure yet if I will make it a straight loop or with a twist.

I will soon add more pictures and ofcourse a final one around the special neck I am making it for ;)


Almost finished with the seond yarn ball and it fits around the neck twice now. I will knit some more :)

2 balls of yarn aprox 136cm. After fitting, it was decided to kast off :) Now I need to sew it together and take some pictures. It's soft and cozy. 

ready to go out in the cold

Sonntag, 16. September 2012

Crochet Jam Jar Cover

It doesn't get more homemade than this

better view from the side

The pattern is more or less self improvised.
Hook Size 1.25mm - first thing I ever crochet with such a fine yarn
Basic granny square in a round, with a ribbon matching the jam colour

The jam inside the jar is my german plum jam,
 it is not too sweet with a touch of cinnamon and anis.
Get the recepie on my foodblog

Crochet Ball - Kitty Toy

Loki in the garden playing with his new ball

As he jumped out with the ball in his mouth I thought he would loose it. But no he came back inside with the ball in his mouth and has been playing and cuddling with it ever since.

Ball close up. 

Loki doesn´t let go of his ball.

made the same ball just in pink for Mia, but she wanted me to make it into a small doll instead to cuddle with. So this is another variation of the ball. 

Mia´s Doll-ball close up

It´s very easy to make. You can use any size of crochet hook with matching yarn. Add some stuffing and a small bell inside.

Pattern for Ball:

Rnd. 1: Ch 1, 8 sc in ring (or make a magic circle). Close the ring
Rnd. 2. 2 sc in each st around (Total 16 Stiches)
Rnd. 3: [sc in next st, 2 sc in next st] repeat around (Total of 24 sts)
Rnd. 4: [sc in next 2 st, 2 sc in next st] around (Total of 32 sts)
Rnd. 5-10: sc in each st around
Rnd. 11: [sc2tog, sc in next 2 sts] around (Total of 24 sts) - Beginn stuffing!!
Rnd. 12: [sc2tog, sc in next st] around (Total of 16 sts)
Rnd. 13: [sc2tog around] (Total 8 sts)
Sew together

Loki is my sisters prince, he lives in Iceland with her
Mia is my princess, she lives in GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG+´äüppppppppppppppppppppp (she just jumped on my keyboard ;) I guess that is how Germany is written in Cat language ;)

Clever Cupcake - USB/Key Cozy

Small Project, finished within an hour.

Needed a cozy for a USB Stick. Made a cupcake with an open end. USB Stick is attached to a friendship bracelet that goes through the cupcake top and fastens on the one end to the USB stick, on the other end to a Kezchain, that I crocheted around as well. You could use this as a key cozy as well I guess.

Came out pretty well I think

Here more pictures

Keep Calm and have a Cupcake