Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Secret Santa 2013 Reveal Post

This year I took part in Marigolds´ Secret Santa Handmade Swap for the first time. I am not sure how many participants took part this year, but I know they come from all over the world. There are those who sew, those who knit, those who crochet (like me) and those who make some other kind of craft. The swap partner are picked randomly and this year, your secret santa gift did not go to the person who was making yours, so untill the end you had no idea from where in the world your gift would be arriving. Deadline for shipping was November 22nd. You would think every gift would arrive long before Christmas. But mine came all the way from Canada and arrived on December 24th, just in time for Christmas. 

I made my Secret Santa gift for Marigolds Natalie herself, without even realising it, until she got my gift and blogged about it. We only had last names and the first letter in the name and the adress, some basic informations about our swap partners like favorite color or hobby, and least favorite colour etc. 

I had the following informations about my secret santa. She loves to blog, knit, crochet, crafts of all kind and reading. Loves brown, blues and earthly tones and hates yellow :) 

I had so many ideas, in the end I would picture her sitting at her PC blogging, with a take a way cup of coffee and her favorite book by her side. And since it was a Christmas swap, there would need to be something for the tree as well, a small ornament. So I gave her a warm wristwarmers in her favorite colour brown to wear as she was blogging, a butterfly bookmark for her favorite book, a coffee cozy with a red start to keep her christmas coffee warm and fingers safe and a christmas ornament to hang on her tree. Then I wrote her a note on a Santa like Scroll and shipped it to Swiss, before the deadline, ´cause if I had waited any longer, I probably would have tossed the idea and had startet to make something new. It was really so much fun to take part, and think and make something special for a complete stranger, with only so little informations.

I think my secret santa gift was the first one to arrive from the whole group to it´s destination, and of course the secret santa gift made for me was probably the last one to arrive. I was giving up hope, that it would make it before christmas. As I knew who my secret santa was so I could contact her, I saw she wrote on her blog that she had sent her gift to Belgium (but I´m in Germany) so I was even more worried. But then as I had given up all hope it would arrive before Christmas / or this years end for that matter, the postman rang my bell and there it was, my gift from Canada.

The informations she got about me were that I love to crochet, am a medical scientist, and love all kinds of geeky stuff, cute, kawaii and shabby chick kitch, barbapapa and the colour pink, black, red, mint green, pastels, grey and brown and disliking the colours: orange, green, blue and yellow.

I was really excited to see what she would make using these informations.

This is what I got. A sewed mug rug, a felted heart ornament and a christmas card.

Thank you Sara from Canada.

I am linking this up on Marigolds reveal post, go check out what other Santas made this year, and if you are interested join the fun next year.


  1. Happy New Year

    Nice you got your gift and how it is nice. It with secret santa makes it extra special to receive a gift, and even more especially when it from someone from another country.

    I also like to say your blog is awsome, really beautiful things you make.

    All the best
    Best regards from
    Anne-Pia Hansen

    1. Thank you Anne-Pia, I esp. liked the part thinking about something to make with those little information we got and that the receiver liked it :) Your blog is awesome too. Greetings to denmark, venlig hilsen

  2. Oh that's too bad...I didn't get info. about colors you dislike. Seems as though I included them all in your gift.

    1. it´s OK Sara, and funny really, but it looks lovely. Thanks again :)

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