Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

Crochet Kitty

I found this pattern for a small kitty on pinterest last night and gave it a try as I was on a small break from my other projects. It's a fast crochet, since you do the body and head in one piece including the ears. Then you just have to make the tail and sew it on.

He reminds me of the icelandic christmas cat (jólakötturinn)


  1. Yes he reminds me too of the icelandic christmas cat but your looks more friendly than the "real" christmas cat :)
    I love the background, I had this Fischer Price school when I was young :)

  2. já þetta er aukakennarinn sem kom rétt fyrir jólin ;) Þetta er gamli skólinn minn, er með hann upp á punt bara hjá mér núna :)


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