Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Crochet shell thoughts

I´ve been wanting to make these wrist warmers now for some time, but the pattern on the garnstudio / drops design page, esp. the scematic one, was giving me headaches.

I found this video on youtube with very good instructions on making dc shells, and made one piece to learn it, and it came out pretty well, and was easy to understand.

5 dc in shell, 2 chain space, sc (6 chains for a shell)

Comparing it with the picture from garnstudio, the shells do look bigger and more space in between the rows.

I used what I had learnd crocheting along the video, and took a new look at the pattern from garnstudio. Instead of 5 dc to make a shell, they do 9 tr and skip 3 chains not 2. So I made some chains (18) to be able to make 2 shells in a row.

9 tr in shell, 3 chain space, sc (9 chains for a shell)

I think I almost got it now.

Just have to figure out how the V´s are made... any idea?? 

same as above, but in between shell rows, to get the V look, sc in the upper stiches of the shells, then tr,  chain 1, tr into the same loop to build the V and sc in the stiches of the shell top (maybe back loops only is better, so the shells will not get this thicker edge look!)

This time with the written pattern in the back of my mind, I added the "extra rows" you seem to see on the pattern chart.

I definitely like this look better than the prior one.

Next change I did, is that I did crochet the shell stiches (no chain made) the same as before, but in the back loop only, this way the shells look better and the wrist warmers look "fluffier" this way. (I really don´t like wrist warmers that look more lika a cast from the doctor ;)). I finished one already, once you figure it out, it really isn´t hard and pretty fast to crochet. I will add picture soon.

Now I just need to do the second one, but the first one is warm and cozy :) I´m planning on making a loop scarf in the same style too, something like this here on the picture below :)

The funny thing is, on the Drops design page, they write: "Beautiful details, quick to make!"  well the details are beautiful but untill you understand the pattern, it´s not quick to make. But afterwards I guess they are.

Here is the scematic pattern for the shells from Drops design, that is very confusing (my free opinion)

Not just because the sign for tr is on this picture like the one for dc, and whats with all the - - - - - arent those sc?!?! So at first I made chains, and it just didn´t look anything like the picture. It was the first pattern I ever tried to follow. 

I really wish drops design would write what to do in the M.1 part as well, and not just leave this confusing chart.

Update: Both wrist warmers are finished :) After it starts rolling, it really rolls fast.  Pictures will be posted soon. 

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