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Cabled Coffee Cup Cozy

After I did my first knitted cable test piece a while back, I did this coffee cozy, but seem to have forgotten to blog it. It´s been in my purse ever since and oftly used, both for hot and cold drinks. It´s an every day reminder that I can knit and cable knitting is much easier than it looks.

Here is a pattern I made up using a knitting needle nr 4 and some merino wool I had in my stash

K = Knit
P = Purl
[RS] = Right Side, the side facing you
[WS] = Wrong Side, the back side of your work
C8R = slip next 4 stiches to cable needle and hold back; K4, then K4 from cable needle
R = Row

Start with casting on 20 stiches
R1: [RS] K4 - P2 - K8 - P2 - K4
R2, 4, 6, 8: [WS] K6 - P8 - K6
R3: [RS] K4 - P2 - K8 - P2 - K4
R5: [RS] K4 - P2 - C8R - P2 - K4
R7: [Rs]  K4 - P2 - K8 - P2 - K4

Repeat row 1-8 untill your piece is about 9 inch long, ending off after Row 1. It´s about 9 times, you have to repeat the Rows 1-8.

Cast of and leave a long tail, use this one to sew the ends together and snug it then on your coffee cup :) 

A really good way to learn and show off your first knitted cables.

Have fun and feel free to use this for your personal use, link me back please if you do one and leave me a comment with a link so I can see your version too :)

Deutsche Übersetzung

R = rechter Maschen
L = linker Maschen
[VS] = Vorderseite
[RS] = Rückseite

Anschlag: 20 Maschen

Der Zopf selbst umfasst stets 8 Maschen, umgeben von jeweils 6 vor und hinter dem Zopf. 

1. Reihe: [VS] 4R - 2L - 8R - 2L - 4R
2., 4., 6., 8., Reihe: [RS] 6R - 8L - 6R
3. Reihe:  [VS] 4R - 2L - 8R - 2L - 4R
5. Reihe:  [VS] 4R - 2L - [4 Maschen auf die Zopfnadel, (hinter die Arbeit legen) 4 Maschen rechts stricken, die Maschen der Hilfsnadel rechts stricken]* 2L - 4R
7. Reihe:  [VS] 4R - 2L - 8R - 2L - 4R

Wiederhol die Reihen 1 - 8, bis der Zopf etwa 23cm lang ist, oder so lang das er um einen Kaffebecher passt. Die letzte Reihe ist eine 1. Reihe, danach kannst Du die Maschen abketten. Lass etwas von dem Faden übrig, weil Du damit das zusammennähen wirst. 

Viel erfolg. Ich habe Merinowolle verwendet und Nadelstärke 4.

Íslensk þýðing

S = Slétt
B = Brugðið
[FH] = Framhlið
[BH] = Bakhlið
C8R = næstu 4 lykkjum eru settar yfir á kaðalprjón, og settar fyrir aftan stykkið, síðan eru næstu 4 lykkjur prjónaðar slétt, að síðustu lykkjurnar 4 sem þú geymdir á kaðlaprjónsprjóninum. 

Kaðallinn er myndaður úr 8 lykkjum með 6 lykkjur fyrir framan og aftan hann.

Byrjið á að fitja upp 20 lykkjur

1. Röð: [FH] 4S - 2B - 8S - 2B - 4S
2., 4., 6., og 8. Röð: [BH]  6S - 8B - 6S
3. Röð: [FH] 4S - 2B - 8S - 2B - 4S
5. Röð: [FH] 4S - 2B - C8R - 2B - 4S
7. Röð: [FH] 4S - 2B - 8S - 2B - 4S

Þessar 8 raðir eru svo endurteknar, og endað á röð 1, þar til stykkið er ca. 23cm eða nógu stórt til að ná utan um brottfaramál. Fella af og skilja eftir langan enda, sem þú saumar svo fyrstu og síðustu umferð saman með.

Thank you for taking your time to leave me a comment
Danke dass Du Dir Zeit nimmst mir Paar Worte zu schreiben
Takk fyrir að taka nokkrar mínútur í að skilja eftir línu


  1. This is One of the Most popular post on my blog, I see people coming in from all over, that is great but less great that no one of you take a couple of minutes to leave a comment with such as much as a thank you. That just makes me sad and Questioning the whole blogging thing.

    1. it was a little difficult to figure out how to leave a comment because the buttons are in German! If I did, it was pure guesswork, but anyway I wanted to say Hi and thank you so much for posting these instructions. I'm knitting cozies in Aran yarn on 6mm needles and from your pattern I'm doing variations with different cables sizes. It's great fun, thank you for getting me started.

    2. Hi Bridget,
      Thank you for your comment :) how cool it's truly a great way to practice cables and Practical at the same time. Sorry about your difficulties leaving me a comment but I am happy you made the effort. If you are in ravelry you can link my pattern so I can see too :)
      Your welcome :)
      Take care

  2. I've been looking for an easy cabled coffee cozy to make for Christmas gifts and yours looks very elegant, but the instructions seem simple. Thank you for posting this on Ravelry and for making it available to the rest of us.
    Norfolk, Virginia, USA

    1. Your welcome and thank you for your kind words :) it really is pretty easy to make, will be looking forward to see yours, don't Forget to link it over ravelry
      Have a lovely Day

  3. Hi and thank you so much for posting these instructions. I'm knitting cozies in Aran yarn on 6mm needles and from your pattern I'm doing variations with different cables sizes. It's great fun, thank you for getting me started.

    1. Hi Bridget, your very welcome. Oh great to hear and have fun. Happy to help. I would love to see them.

  4. Just finished up the most adorable scarf with this pattern for my 3yr old nephew. I've only been knitting for about 2 weeks and this was so much fun! Easy to follow and moved quickly! Thank you! <3

    1. your very welcome. Yes it´s very easy to do but so pretty. I would love to see your scarf. If you are on raverly you can link the pattern.


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