Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

Crochet Cactus Pincushion

Heimir the crocheted cactus pincushion

Harry my little cactus was needed a new friend as well as I needed a pincushion. 

The idea of a pincushion in a shape of a cactus was born (I´m not the only one with this idea as I have seen on the internet though ;)). I had this little pot and thought it would make a great base for my cactus pincushion.  

I didn´t follow any specific pattern, but startet with 6sc and then I increased it to 12, then 18, then 24 and made a tube with a green cotton yarn as long as I wanted it to be high. Then switched over to brown for the earth and did one row, then increased only in front loops untill the size would fit the pot, one row of dc so it would get a better bend and then did some rounds sc untill it was tall enough, then startet decreasing and filling untill I had it big enough to fit in the pot. I love improvising while crocheting :)

One Picture without the pot

and ofcourse one of Harry & Heimir new best friends :) 


  1. Báðir svo sætir, hef aldrei áður séð kaktus með augu :) Gaman fyrir Harry að fá loksins vin :)

  2. já Harry átti vinkonu í vinnunni Jósefína en hún flutti svo langt í burtu. En núna á hann nýjan vin :) Já þessir eru til hér í Obi í allavegna útgáfum með augum, svo krúttulegt að hafa á þeim augu :)


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