Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012


Hello there, my name is Gudda and this is my friend Bonnie the Bunny
I had my first birthday yesterday
I am 13cm tall and have long black hair
Lovely dress and a pretty flower on my hat

I came as a suprise to this world, at first I was suppose to become something totally different

At first my mum thought she was making a ball, but hihi she soon figured out that I wasn´t suppose to be a ball ;) Soon I took on a form, but I wasn´t cute then. Look at me

Looking like a snowman and soooo not pretty ..

But then I got a pretty red dress, cute hat and very long hair.

with time, I got more things, like shoes, haircut and make up and a pretty flower

This is me infront of my house last night :) 

This morning I went to school where I met my new friend Bonnie the Bunny

Here I am in front of my school with my new friend Bonnie the Bunny 
(yes just like dolls, bunnies go to school too)

Gudda is one of a kind, unique. I didn´t follow a pattern, but kinda created as I crocheted. I didn´t know how she would look like at the beginning but with time she came to life and I think she looks pretty cute, don´t you?  I guess she is a christmas girl, since she is born on the day of St Nicholaus

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