Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

Not without my Instagram

Not without my instagram.

Do you also love instagram?

Instagram App Logo

My sister is one of those who loves instagram (well me too ;)) I have seen several crocheted bags, purses, phone covers etc using the instagram logo as a template. Doing my aunt rosie bag for the sanity towels, I thought of doing a similar bag for my sister using the instagram logo. But the one I made is bigger than the one for aunt rosy, so she can use it any way she likes.

I didn´t follow a pattern, but improvised as I went on and kept a logo picture like this nearby.

The main work are the appliquès and the sewing on. The bag closes on the back side with 2 little heart buttons. ´Cause I love my little sister :) . If you like something on instagram you heart it (hence the heart) and I really did want to make the cords like a friendship bracelet me and my sister used to make as she was little, but since I wanted it long, it didn't come out well so instead I made a normal crochet chain in the desired length with 2 strands of yarn in the two main colours of the bag, looks almost like the bracelet thing I wanted to do first - so problem solved.

Front view

Back view

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