Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

An adventurous year for Mr Cat - Happy Birthday Mr Cat

Mr Cat turned 1 recently and he had a big birthday party. Here he is with his birthday cake - be careful Mr Cat, not to burn your whiskers.

There wouldn´t be a party without Tott his best friend

There was also a third cat invited, it was her last evening before she would move to Iceland and Mr Cat had many stories to tell, since he too went to Iceland to visit his friend this summer. You all remember Doctor Cat.

Here Mr Cat is talking to Doctor cat on the phone, but since Mr Cat knows so many people all over the world the phone wouldn´t stop ringing.

Doctor Cat

Soon more friends showed up to the party and this picture was taken.
You can see little Dudda, Gwyn the Giraffe, the Doctor and Mr Cat with his two cat buddies ready for a piece of that birthdaycake

It was a marvelous day for Mr Cat and soon he took up his photoalbum to show his friends pictures of his adventurous year he had.

Here are few of his pictures for you to see too.

 Weekend trip to the Netherlands / Den Haag

 Fun time driving in the car

We stopped for some snacks on the way

Staying at a hotel for the very first time

There even was a rubber duck in the bathroom, but no way I´m getting in that tub

 off to meet the King and Queen of the Netherlands
  Found probably the worlds biggest cake
yummy yummy

Did you know that there is this great beach in Den Haag?
Had alot of fun building the cooles sandcastle a cat has ever made

What a great trip it was

I brought back a souvenir for little Dudda 
a snowglobe

Trip to Iceland

The rain in spain, stays mainly on the plane
First time on a plane - uiii

Hello Iceland

Bought a boat and went fishing

relaxed at a beautiful sea

Visited Þingvellir hera at Öxarársfoss
This is one of the coolest places in Iceland, it has so much history and it´s the place where the oldest existing parliament in the world first assembled in 930 AD. 
The canyon Almannagjá is formed between two tectonic plates and is a visual representation of continental drift. Isn´t that cool, so me this little kitty cat was standing at the edge of the world between the plates of europe and america. 

This was the first stop on the Golden Circle route. Next stop was Gullfoss waterfall

Gullfoss, what a view it's a very big waterfall and some call it the mini niagra falls

Geysir Geothermal Area - Standing infront of Strokkur
Did you know that the word geyser in english and Geysier in german both arrive from the name of the big brother of Strokkur. Old Geysir no longer erupts as frequently as he used to, but recent earthquakes in iceland have been seen to cause eruptions again. Still the geyser Strokkur (I am standing in front of) erupts much more frequently and his strokes go up to 30 meters every few minutes. 

It was very funny to see everyone wating with their cameras to get a good shot.

I'm looking forward to my next trip and what the future holds

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  1. So klasse, dein Bärchen ist ja ganz schön rumgekommen in der Welt;-))). Liebe Grüße von Daniela

    1. Ja der Kater ist ein Weltbummler :) Danke Daniela
      Lebe Grüße zurück und einen schönen dritten Advent


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