Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

Last Day of Christmas

Today is the last day of christmas. In Iceland, the last Santa goes back home, there will be fireworks and bonfires. Now the new year has officially begun. 

Mr Cat is enjoying the view from the top of his house. Tomorrow he will pack his santa hat away. 

Mr Cat can´t wait to visit his best friend again, they did have alot of fun together over the holidays.

Sorry for the dark pictures, but it was Christmas night and the light was cozy and candlelight.

 The gifts were very interesting, is this one for me?

 Tott was very curious - as we all know cats are VERY curious

 But the best part is playing around in the gift wraps

sooooo tired 
good night and good bye to this Christmas, see you again in 11 Months and 18 Days

We didn´t get white christmas on time in Germany, but few days later we got snow.
The two friends were so excited and went out to play in the snow

This was the first time for Tott to see so much snow, he was enchanted by the view

sooo cold

After playing in the snow and a snowball fight they went home and had a hot cup of milk.
There was still too little snow to build a snowcat, but maybe we will get lucky and get some more snow soon.

Talking about lucky....... Have you voted yet for the cute teddy bear family?

Don´t forget to cast your vote for the teddy bear family and four other designs
There are over 100 great amigurumis in the run so every vote counts

Voting will close at midnight the 9th of January

Thank You

I am also hopping over to Creadienstag to see the great things that have been made by my fellow bloggers have made this tuesday

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  1. hello,
    beautiful photos!!!!
    i wish you a happy year!!!!
    liebe grüße,

    1. Danke Regina,
      Das wünsche ich dir auch
      Liebe Grüße

  2. Sehr süße Kätzchen, alle beide. Würde ich sofort adoptieren! :-)

  3. Happy New Year! Your kittens are soo cute! :)

    I voted for you! Good luck!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  4. Hello and happy new year. Just found your lovely blog.

    1. Thank you Gillian :) hope to see you often ❤️


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