Sonntag, 24. März 2013

TP Owly

Meet your new friend in the bathroom - the TP Owly

You will never have to worry about this happening again 
with your new little friend in need, the TP Owly.

The pattern is from Soapy Sue and is just too cute for not to crochet. It´s a fast crochet project if you don't count the sewing part ;) The pattern has alot of pictures and is easy to follow for all levels of crocheters.

Changes made to original pattern: I used the pattern for the body, wings and eyes. The wings are probably the most  tricky part of the pattern though. The beak I did differently and the placement of the faceparts as well. On the feets, I skipped crocheting a row of chains first, but instead crocheted them directly to the last row of the body.

Full picture of the TP owl

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