Montag, 3. März 2014

The Amazing Adventures of a Cat who traveled over 1500 miles

 Today is Bolludagur (Bun Day) in my new home in Iceland

Me in making and my Doctor soon to be called my bro

One last "guys night out" before I packed my bags with my three friends 
to take an adventurous journey and travel over 1500 miles from Germany to Iceland

Here is the whole gang (two of these will later be eaten by a cat, no I´m not the cat)

I have arrived and here I am with my my new best friend and companion
I even got a bow tie now, and bow ties are cool

The End (for now)

My friends are Sveppur Sveppason, Best Bunny and the fishy Fish 
last but not least

Click the names to see blogposts about them


  1. I found your Blog via ravelry and Love your kitten photos! Esp. the little doctor kitten one! :)
    take care, Anne

    1. :) I had the white kitty sitting on my disk að I was asembling the black one, and got this idea and stopped to make hinpm his mask ;) thanks for stopping by Anne :)

    2. And what a good idea it was! :-) I am currently making my first kitten (got the book last year) - excited to see how it will turn out. I am a bit scared of the asembling part!

      Take care from Germany,

    3. No worries :) looking forward to see yours too - greetings back at ya from Germany NRW

    4. Are you living in NRW? So do I... :-) Dortmund to be exact!

    5. Oh, I know where that is! I only moved to NRW last year but I know the location of some places by now!

    6. I moved here last year too :) never been to Dortmund though, at least not yet :)

    7. Dortmund is much nicer than I thought it would be... Come and visit - I shall show you around!

    8. Hurray! My kitten is finished! I certainly need to make mmmoorrree.


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