Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Happy Halloween


B is for broomsticks witches to fly,
O is outrageous spooks that go by,
O is for orange pumpkins so bright, 
These are the signs of a Halloween night.

Die kleine Hexe freut sich immer sehr auf Halloween, mit ihrem großen Hut und Kürbis wartet sie auf die sternenklare Nacht, damit sie beim Vollmondlicht am Himmel wieder fliegen darf.

Happy Halloween

Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

Catch of the Day

I have so many projects that are so close to be finished. Many just need some sewing up to be finished, others just have been put on ice. I am not even counting my WIP's for you ;) It might have something to do with blogging, 'cause I used to hurry up to finish something, so I could blog about it and add it to some linking party for that day. Today my blogpost will only be in English, but your comments may be in either English, German or Icelandic. I am picking English today since most of my readers lately have been clicking from English speaking countries or non-German, non-Icelandic speaking ones. 

So welcome world. Now the latest news. For those who didn't know it, I am from Iceland and as an Icelandic Viking Girl I can tell you that I cought a whale ;) now before the greenpeacer out there will throw animal blood all over my blog, calm down please, 'cause I cought the whale in my stash hence picture ;)

It is a friendly whale that always has a tissue for you if you need one (that is if the box he covers isn't empty). When do you need a tissue more than in the car. With a lavender filled birdie in the front window, we now have a Moby Dick in the back window ;)

The Idea came from I did however only use the Idea and the tail pattern for my little Moby here, since tissue box size varies and I had a smaller hook and wanted a snuggle opening as well, so there wouldn't be cardust falling in my box.

Isn't the tail/fluke supercute?

So what have you been up to lately? Well I can certainly say without blinking I cought a whale ;)

I am using a blogger app to write my blogpost today, and I can't seem to be able to insert a direct link, but if you copy paste this one you can get over to Moogly's blog for her pattern and catch of the day