Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

How To Crochet a Hat from Threadbanger / Hekluð alpahúfa

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ef ekki er hægt að spila myndbandið ýta  hér

update: 31.July 2011
I have startet with this one :) I made a small one as practice before I bought yarn to do the real thing :) It´s going great and easy to make. On the Threadbangers Homepage you can also find written instructions. I didn´t find yarn for needle 6.5 (K) as she is using, so I am improvising with a needle 4.5 and some woollen brownish yarn. I am now crocheting a round and a round after round and a round and looking good :) I have a feeling this will not be my last hat I will crochet..... 

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