Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

The Perfect Burger

My latest improvised summer cooking


100% Cotton Beef
Slice of Cheese
Some Cottonromana Salat
Onion Ring
Buns with some acryl filling and sesam seads sewed on

WARNING: Looks better than it tastes ;) 

The bun is worked in two colours and two pieces, that are crocheted/sewed togehter in the end and filled with a little acryl stuffing, just as much as needed for a soft bun. Later the sesam seeds are sewed on. The cheese was worked with hdc in a square, the burger with 2 threads of yarn to make it a bit thicker than the salat for instance. The salat was worked like the burger and the bun, but the last two rows consist of dc, and the last one to get the curly look I worked several dc´s in the same chain, every other chain or so. The Tomato slice was worked with two colours, a darker thread for the middle and a tomato red for the rest. 

The burger I made for a friend who is coming to visit, since he owns hamburger restaurants, I think it is a fitting gift, and I hope he will love it too. It was really fun to make. It´s not just for decoration, but you can actually use some of the toppings as coasters, like the cheese, the burger, the salat and the tomato. 

 wanna take a bite?

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