Montag, 22. Juli 2013

Cupcake Cat Toy

I made two cupcakes, one in pink for my Mia, and one in blue for Loki. It´s a mini cupcake with a tiny bell in the center.  It´s around 5 cm tall. Made of two pieces (cake and frosting) and then sewed together. I followed the pattern from bittersweet blog, if you use a larger hook and matching yarn it will turn out bigger.

The blue version turned out better, maybe because I did it after the pink one, or because my cat got a hold on her cupcake before photographing them. But I guess I didn´t stuff it as much as the blue one. 

The blue one close up

I´ve been working on this doll for some time, inbetween tiny breaks from other projects. She wanted to keep the pink cupcake all for herself.

one happy cat with his new toy

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