Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

The other day I was drinking Coffee with Ted, (you do need coffee when he talks about how he met your mother for 9 seasons), well it´s the last season and it is getting a bit old. Anyway Ted had this great coffee mug he was drinking his coffee out of and it reminded me so of a granny or crochet mandala. I think it is super cute, and would so like to know if anyone knows where it is from. 

Of course I wasn´t drinking coffee with teddy, unless me drinking coffee while watching the show counts. I took a screenshot and put it on my instagram. I did get some questions though who that guy was. I know I could do so much better, and I have ;) my BF wouldn´t have to talk for 9 seasons about how we met, I´m sure of that ;)

But I do spot crochet all over. I am a bit of a fairy tale person, and I have always liked snow white, so shows like "Once upon a time" is def. something for me. I esp. like snow white´s kitchen in Storybrook. It´s all vintage style, and in one dramatic scene I spotet these gorgeos crochet potholders. 

Do you spot the potholders in the back, in vintage mint green, with a red flower in the mittle. They do look similar to vintage potholders or my granny square I have in my WIP´s.

Jess on New Girl and her Crochet Girlfriends

One of the funniest show on TV these days is def. New Girl, it´s just so funny and girly, full of sparkle and crochet time ;)

The probably most famous crochet piece on TV is Roseannes Granny Square afghan, I guess when the show was over Kevin (Johnny Galecki) took it with him, and later after he had finished studying physic and changing his name to Leonard, gave it to Amy, Sheldons Girlfriend on Big Bang Theory. Maybe hoping that one day, she and Sheldon would be more like Roseanne and Dan.

In the last scene of episode 1.3 in The Fosters, you can spot a pretty ripple afghan in the lower right corner.

found these screenshot at The Gamers Wife featuring scenes from the Smurfs Movie.
(What is Barney from HIMYM doing there? ;)) 

I really want to watch the Smurfs movie, if not only to see this scene

So how about some Pyjama Movie Night outfit and Bedroom Deco

Aint these Pyjama Pants cute? 

or this room, Don´t you just love those bed sheets.

OK I´m going to take a nap now ;) See you all tomorrow for FO Friday

Thoughts on Thursday


  1. dankeschön fürs Zeigen
    ich staune auch immer über die wunderschönen GrannySquare-Decken-Kissen und vieles mehr in diesen Sendungen

    The Bing-Bang-Theory zählt zu meiner liebsten ;-))))))))))

    LG Traudi

    1. :) bitte bitte, ja the big bang theory ist klasse LG zurück Thuri

  2. i'm sorry i copy the image please... because that whas great..

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