Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

Mikey's Mystery Crochet Adventures

I love mystery crochet along, and this time I am not the organizer so I have no clue what this will be in the end. That is the fun part, and on the plus side for all those who participate and finish the animal ( so much I do know) there is even a price :) I might consider that for the next mystery CAL I organize. But in the meantime I want to advertise this mystery crochet adventure the crochet crowd and red heart are throwing us this month.

Tuesdays will be known as Cluedays this month, because every Tuesday we will get one more clue and part of the pattern. 

This weeks clue was the head. 

Any guesses? 

Well mine will be a girl, I am still not sure what her name is, any suggetions?

If you would like to participate also follow this link over to the Crochet Crowd

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  1. hmmm, looks like a dragon head to me... how about Fufur as a name?


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