Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

I just called to say I love you


Hello Darling the cat says on the phone who could be on the other end? I am pretty sure if you have been following this blog you already know.

This cute nostalgic looking telephone was made by a pattern from Crochet Goods. Instead of using felt I used some different colour buttons for the numbers as well as I made a different kind of telephone cord. The handle was pretty tricky so I had to adjust the pattern a bit there too. But all in all it is a good pattern and much fun making and playing with the tiny telephone. 

I am most certain that the cat talked a bit about his lates adventures. But I have been taking him with me on short trips and I will be continuing doing so since it´s just soooo cute and funny. He is my new tourguide. I will soon make a post with pictures of his last short trip. But today I want to show you some more pictures of his telephone.

Da Telefonieren so eine große Freude ist, linke ich diesmal zum ersten mal bei FREUTAG  und FO Friday Linkup:)

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