Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

Pink Stars and Bunnies

Pink Star and her Bunny Love

I love stars, bunnies and the color pink. This baby blanket is for an arabic princess, and since my name in arabic means little star, there was no question on what shape I would make for her baby blanket, with matching colours I made a little bunny to go with it.  

The result is this beautiful crochet 3 colour striped star baby blanket, pattern by Bernat. Hook Nr 3.5mm, Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino Big Superfein  Colours 601, 605 and 644. The brown colour looks darker on the picture than in reality. It´s also wonderfull wool to work with. You only need to pay good attention to the pattern for the first rows, the rest is always the same, you just need to keep an eye out for the hop overs in between the corners. The Bunny is self made and pattern improvised.

Work in progress
you really only need to pay attention to the pattern untill the first brown row, 
after that it´s pretty easy and the same. 

For a good crochet session, what is more lovely than to have a cup of coffee or like in this case tea. The geisha teamug with strainer was a gift from my little sister. 

Work in progress:

The Bunny -  Arnab ( أرنب )

 "hug me"

starting with a sketch
 her egg shaped head followed, and a little neck
 she got a shirt and a skirt in lovely colours

 Legs were made one by one, 
two ears, and she even got some pretty shoes
arms and sleves for her litlle cute dress

in the end 
two little eyes, 
a nose
a mouth

and with a puff
she was alive

soon to get alot of



❤  Big thank you to my mum for helping me with the colour combination 

Dienstag, 24. September 2013

Tinnu smekkur - Vintage Baby Bib - Baby Lätschen

Tinnu smekkur

Það var mjög gaman og fljótlegt að hekla þennan smekk, þetta er rótgróin og gömul uppskrift úr Tinnu blaði (uppskriftina má finna hér). Ég notaði yndislegt Lana Grossa Cotone bómullargarn í hann og nál númer 2.5mm. 

I loved making this bib, it was fast and fun to crochet. If you are thinking what I think you are thinking, then yes, it´s a vintage pattern. It´s one of those things that never get out of style. 
The pattern is in icelandic but if you want to make it and the google translate isn´t working for you, you can contact me for help. There are however many vintage baby bib free patterns out there, with similar bibs. If you want to give it a try click here for a link to pattern.

I used Lana Grossa Cotone cotton for this one, it´s one of the best cottons out there to crochet with, and if you have a change to use it I would recomend it. 

Dieses süße Baby Lätschen, hab ich mit der tollen Baumwolle von Lana Grossa gemacht, Lana Grossa Cotone, mit Nadel 2.5mm. Es ist die beste Baumwolle zum Häkeln die ich ausprobiert habe, und ich kaufe jetzt nur die. 

Es hat viel spaß gemacht das Lätschen zu häkeln, und es ging auch recht schnell. Man fängt mit der Mitte an und dann wird der Rest darum gehäkelt. Das Muster fällt schon in die Gruppe der Vintage Mustern, dieses Lätschen ist sehr bekannt und beliebt in Island, und haben die isländerinnen den Jahrzehntelang gehäkelt für die kleinen isländer. Das Muster ist zwar auf isländisch, es gibt aber auch eine ganze Menge an kostenlosen vintage Lätschen Mustern online, meistens aber nur auf englisch. Wenn Du diesen hier aber unbedingt nachhäkeln möchtest und Probleme mit der Google Übersetzung hast, lass mich wissen und ich helfe gern. Link zu dem Orginal Muster auf isländisch

Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Turkish slippers

Crochet and felted turkish slippers designed by Erika Knight

Her pattern uses cotton, but I did mine using a 100% wool and then felted them in the washing machine. I´m very happy with the results, they are cozy and warm. 

Dienstag, 10. September 2013

Ugluhringla - Owl Baby Rattle

Hello again... I have been wanting to make a baby rattle for quite some time now. And beeing as owly as I am, why not an owl rattle. I saw this cute Stripey Owl Baby Rattle over at Lovely Little Life and loved it. I was lazy though, so I decided to try it out with this 3 colour cotton from Lana Grossa (Cotone). It´s a wonderfull cotton to crochet with and my favorite after having tried not so few. With this pattern the stripes came out lovely. 

After filling and including a rattle sound (a baby safe (nickle free) bell and stuffing), I then used one-colour yarn to crochet the headopening together and to make the ears more pointy, tricked with hdc and dc at the ends.

eyes and beak how sweet

The wings are freestyle and I did the eyes also different. Instead of doing an outer and an inner eye. I startet with a black thread for couple of rounds, followed by a couple more with the white yarn.
wings to fly or hold

I think it´s most important to sew everything well on, cause we don´t want any parts of the rattle ending up in the belly of it´s owner. 

Ich werde diese kleine Eule für Häkelliebe Linksammlung für September mitmachen lassen, es ist eine schöne Sache und eine Möglichkeit viele neue deutsche Blogs zu finden, von denen die sich mit Häkeleien befassen :) Jeden Monat gibt es außerdem was kleines zu Gewinnen