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Crochet Symbols and stiches

The secret language of crochet (picture from ObeyChrochet)

November 7th: Dutch (NL) added to the Page Top Link Crochet Symbols US/UK/DE/IS/NL 

If you master these hieroglyphs universal language of chrochet anything is possible. It doesn´t matter what language you speak, speak this and any pattern with diagramm is yours. I always fancied the ancient egypt with their pharaoh and hieroglyphs. I wanted to learn that language and understand those symbols. But as I grew older, I realiced it´s not so easy and they don´t really know what some of the symbols mean, not even the egyptian penpal I had (just for this purpose ;)). Ah well, I did get the modern arabic alphabet and I do know that one and can write my name and some words, that´s pretty cool too. 

Looking at this "crochet alphabet" I always have to think about the pharaohs and all the mystery sign alphabets out there. This kinda rocks and who knows, maybe the egypt hieroglyphs where just crochet symbols and on those walls are those great patterns for their cool outfits, sphinx and I bet alot of kitties and headpieces too. 

Anyway. Since not everyone is familiar with the meaning of those symbols I drew up some of the most used ones and if you need a video on how to make one of those, there is a video tutorial from various youtube crochet canals.

I´m also adding the name of each stich in US English, UK English (if different to US), German and Icelandic, since these are the languages of you guys :)

To see a video demonstration of each stich, click the link under each picture


mostly drawn as a circle, sometimes as - 

a dot or a oval dot

shown as x or +

this type is mostly drawn with a lighter colour

Some other stiches are shown below

A direct link to this post is also at the top of this page under Crochet Symbols US/UK/DE/IS

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