Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

WIP Wednesday

A small summary of my unfinished projects from my project bag, or like the WIP says Work in Progress, as a part of Tami´s  WIP Wednesday Action. 

Most of these things pictured above are almost finished, just need a little tweeking, like sewing, washing or more material.

First Row (left to right): First two pictures of granny´s waiting to become something ;). The little owlies are Owl Rattles in making, I wasn´t sure if it would be a boy or girl, so I did some variations in the colours, so when I am in need for a baby gift I have some almost finished ;) The black and grey granny is made out of felting wool, I used a large hook, I´m not gonna felt it in the washing machine later though, since this will be a small blankie for my kitty Mia :)

Second Row (left from right): Starts of with a vintage potholder, I ran out of cotton and placed it in my project bag, and it has been a little forgotten about ´til now, I am definately going to finish this one soon, cause it´s beautiful :) Next to it a second TP Owly  I made one for my sister a while back, she picked the eyes with the black lashes, this one I was gonna make for myself, since I had a second pair of eyes already. All I need to do now is sew it up ;) Third picture in this row is another owly thing, a baby security blanket. I really just need to sew the owl on it, but since I am not happy how this cotton came out in the granny, I am thinking of redoing the granny with my favorite cotton from Lana Grosse ( I sadly hadn´t found that one, as I did this piece). But since there is no baby on the way for it to cuddle with, it´s one of those fast finished gifts when needed. Last picture in this row is of my prefelted house slippers. I made one in grey for my BF the turkish slippers, and this pair is for me :) Just needs to be washed and I am thinking about what kind of decoration I will do, or if I will leave them blank.

Third and last row (left from right): First off a picture of a mystery amigurumi CAL I am participating in over on google +, I am a late starter in the project, and I am on clue 3 now, the clue 4 is already out, but I have a hence that we are making amineko. The second picture is my first try to do filet crocheting, I haven´t blocked it yet, so that´s why it´s still a WIP ;). Third picture is the only project knitted, it´s a loop I am doing for my BF on circular needles. I am a slow knitter, but it will be finished before it gets cold ;). Last Picture is the beginning of a brand new project with new wool I just bought last Week in Berlin, it´s from Debbie Bliss called Rialto Lace, I love the colour and this will be a shawl for me ;)

Writing this I remember other WIPs but they will be a tale for another day. ;) 

It´s great to do a WIP Post once in a while, to see what is still left to do. But there is oh so more on my list of things I want to make. Am I the only one with so many unfinished business? I hope not. I tell myself it´s not that bad, at least I don´t have a room full of yarn. My wool stash is really small. But maybe I am just fooling myself, ´cause I didn´t think I had so many WIP´s either. 

I have an Idea for a Blog Post Challenge now called  "Show me Your Stash"  ;-) but shouldn´t that be our dirty little secret? ;)

Come with me over to Tami´s Blog on WIP Wednesday to see what others are working on

Dieser Post ist leider nur auf englisch, da dies ein Teil des WIP Wednesday ist und viel zu lang werden würde, wenn ich es in drei Sprachen schreiben würde. 

Engin íslenska í þetta sinn, en þið skiljið þetta líka alveg held ég :)


  1. Wow, you have been busy :) I adore those owl rattles!
    Hope to see you on Friday
    Marigolds' Loft

    1. Thank you Natalie :) yes I hope so too. Owlies are just too cute ;)

  2. You have a lot of WIPs, I don't think I have that many......although I usually hide the WIPs I am not working with to make it seem better he he :)

    1. hehe I bet if you dig them all up, you have more than you think. Thats what I thought. :)

  3. Wow what a cheerful collection of projects! I love the owl rattles

    1. Thank you Evelyn :) I love making the owl rattles too, I want to make a group picture of them when finished :) have to make another pink one too for the group picture I think ;)

  4. You've got so many things close to finishing :) I have to force myself to finish things before I start anything else or I'd have as many WIPs or more. I try to keep it to only 2-3 WIPs at a time. It's hard though!

    1. I know :) its like when I am reading a good book I keep the last pages for the next day, I guess I have a hard time saying goodbye. But making this collage made me want to finish them soon. Its a good rule to finish first before starting new things but it is also good to have 2 or 3 things in the loop at the same time :)


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